Donnerstag, 5. Juli 2012

Your Favorite Vandals Mystery Festival Tour 2012

It was a festival somewhere with a name I liked a lot

Hank and I are back from that suspecious festival , maybe you might guess the location by some shots we made. Have a great rest of the week everybody!! Thanx for the on going support and critics. I enjoy it a lot ....
Later jongens

- Mystery Festival Tour 2012
Your favorite Vandals are invited to several festivals this year. We thought it might be fun, to not tell what festivals we are going to. Maybe you see us paint, maybe you see our work, maybe you do not see us at all and last but not least maybe you do not even care about us toys:). Anyways have a great festival summer and check in once in a while for new video parts from the "Mystery Festival Tour 2012"

- Yes I managed to drop the name of the Tour 3 times. Do you remember?!

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